Docker and Storage: The Perfect Union

Purpose-built for containers, Virtuozzo Storage for Docker gives you the power to deliver persistent software-defined storage in your application container platform.


“The new driver in Virtuozzo Storage for Docker provides even more opportunities for partners like us to reach new target customers with a customized, persistent Docker storage solution.”

— Camiel Cornelissen, senior product manager, Hostnet

  • icon-1Scalability

    Manage hundreds of nodes, and up to petabytes of capacity, to production-ready applications

  • icon-2Performance

    Achieve up to 15 times more IOPs than CEPH for databases on identical hardware

  • icon-3High availability

    Provide continuous data access with failover

  • icon-4Cost-effective

    Avoid more capital expenses by using your existing hardware

  • icon-5Capacity

    Put your idle drives to work, increasing storage capacity and IO

  • icon-6Convenience

    Combine compute and storage in a single solution

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Key features

  • Docker Swarm Integration

    Docker volume plug-in enable Docker Swarm nodes to also be software-defined storage nodes

  • Hot-Pluggable

    Expands easily when adding nodes and devices

  • Data Protection

    Provides user data check-summing and verification; performs background data verification scrubbing to ensure readable, correct data

  • SSD Caching

    Bursts I/O performance, increasing hardware utilization and density

  • Rebalance

    Automatically rebalances data to new storage servers across the total cluster

  • Failure Tolerant

    Set the level of redundancy required, and Virtuozzo automatically detects failures and performs auto-recovery; during recovery, the storage cluster adjusts to provide continuous data access for clients