Automate your internal development


Focus on coding, not on server management


Speed-up time-to-market with continuous delivery tools


One-click DevOps platform installation

Virtuozzo DevOps

A platform, built on Virtuozzo containers, that can be easily run on top of any bare-metal or virtual servers in any public or private cloud, to automate, optimize, and accelerate internal IT and development processes.


Creation and management of dev, test & staging environments, including Docker support


Automated process of continuous delivery and continuous integration


Highly-available production environments with automated load-spikes handling

Manage your infrastructure and users, and monitor your hardware through Virtuozzo DevOps Admin Panel.

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Get started with Virtuozzo DevOps for free

We'll give you the first server license for free ($150/mo value). Full product access with no additional costs.

Add additional licenses at any time for just $150/month, to easily operate at multi-server and multi-cloud scale.
Please contact us for details and the pricing options for larger deployments.

Why Developers Love Virtuozzo DevOps…

It makes your application management a breeze

Better Reliability with Certified Containers Pack

Supports Java, .NET, Ruby, Node.JS, PHP, Python and more than 50 certified containers (SQL and NoSQL databases, load balancers, application and cache servers, storage container and build node) out-of-the-box.

Docker Support Out-of-the-box

Docker container support with integration to the Public and Private Docker Registries. The main container settings can be adjusted right from the developers’ panel, and full SSH access helps to run the needed operations via terminal.

Automate Your Application Build and Deployment

Any application can be deployed in just a few minutes, with zero code changes using GIT, SVN, archive, or plugins like Maven, Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans.

Self-Service Portals with Built-in Monitoring

NoOps self-service portal for cloud apps deployment with preconfigured environments. Separate Ops panel for cluster administration with built-in monitoring. Intuitive UI, open API, CLI and SSH access to containers.

Seamless Applications Lifecycle Management

Automated continuous integration, delivery and upgrade processes. Integration with Git, SVN & Continuous Integration services. Automated replication for application servers and databases.

Project Collaboration, Simplified

Share environments and set permissions with multiple developers. Give access to “view only” or edit, as needed.

Why IT Operators Love Virtuozzo DevOps…

It gives you back control of your applications

Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Applications are scaled automatically, changing the number of servers and the amount of RAM and CPU inside each container based on the current load.

Multi-Cloud and Multi-Region Distribution

Workloads can be distributed across several hardware regions, data centers or even clouds. You can mix and match your required infrastructure within one cluster and migrate the containers in a live mode.

High Availability for Applications

Containers are automatically replicated and fail-over seamlessly, with zero application impact. Isolation of application resources leads to less application downtime and maximum availability.

One Platform for Staging and Production

Manage testing/staging and production workloads in a single platform, with proper access control and version tagging requirements to ensure only approved builds go to production.

Information sheets for your team, or your boss.

pdf_iconVirtuozzo DevOps Datasheet (Ltr) PDF, 332 KB

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