Give Your Admins Some Time Off with Live Kernel Updates

Protect your servers with instant security patches that keep them up and running—and secure.

ReadyKernel is a kpatch based service that offers a live-patching, rebootless alternative to updating your kernel the usual time consuming way, so you can apply critical security updates without having to wait for scheduled server downtime.

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Save 200 Hours per Month for Every 10,000 Servers

By applying kernel patches instantly with minimal risk and zero downtime, ReadyKernel keeps your
servers up-to-date and secure, letting you focus on improving operations and performance.

Key Features

kf-icon-2Live patching based
on kpatch upstream

kf-icon-3Proactive notifications
for new patches



kf-icon-6Online portal for
supported kernels
and patches

kf-icon-724 x 7

Key Benefits

Stay Secure

Instantly apply updates without affecting any running workloads. So, your system is always patched and protected.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Eliminate manual patch updates and keep admins focused on value-generating activities.

Keep Control

Leverage automatic updates with kpatch technology and roll back at any time to fully control the update process and reduce risk.



Purchase up to 50 nodes for only $5.00 per node, per month. If your application requires more than 50 nodes, please contact us for volume pricing options.

Currently using Plesk?

ReadyKernel is also available as an extension to your Plesk Control Panel, and helps to ensure there is no downtime for the services you offer to your end users. Simply install the extension, and then the license
(via the ReadyKernel utility).

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