Optimize TCO with Production-Ready Containers

Virtuozzo deployed the very first system Containers technology in 2001, and has been pushing the boundaries of infrastructure performance, low TCO, and security ever since.

Virtuozzo Containers deliver the industry’s highest density in high-performance, highly secure encrypted Containers. Today, the ground-breaking Virtuozzo Containers are available as a stand-alone solution or as part of an all-in-one hyperconverged infrastructure platform with Containers, an optimized KVM-based hypervisor, and software-defined storage – with management.

Encrypted Containers are also included in the Virtuozzo Platform.

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“We’ve stayed with Virtuozzo as our provider because it has continually exceeded other systems in performance, features, and price, which enhanced our business bottom line.”

– J.T. Smith, owner, ViUX

Why Use Virtuozzo Containers?

With Virtuozzo Containers, a single operating system kernel can support multiple isolated virtualized instances instead of just one. From an end user standpoint, these instances, called Containers, look and feel like a real server. This approach provides a common, secure virtualization layer that allocates a single set of system resources across all Containers. The result: a leaner, more efficient virtualization layer with bare-metal performance.

If you’re a service provider or SaaS ISV, this approach translates into higher ratios of virtual servers to physical servers, near-native server performance, and unique advantages for managing a virtual environment.


Key Features

  • Encrypted Containers™ protect production workloads
  • Designed to run a full Linux OS and any distribution
  • Low memory overhead; advanced memory management
  • Flexible and fine-grained CPU and memory management
  • AES-256 at-rest data encryption


  • Better performance and density compared to VMs
  • Containerize any application with native performance
  • Support for Containers management through libvirt and OpenStack
  • Fully transparent disk encryption stores data in LUKS format, with extensive KMS support

By the Numbers

  • 60% better performance compared to VM
  • 2x greater density compared to VM
  • Deploy hundreds of containers on a standard dual-CPU x86 server
  • Zero overhead costs
  • Fraction-of-a-second startup time

Measuring System Containers Density


This graph depicts a density test comparison of CentOS 7 KVM and Virtuozzo Containers. Each virtualization solutions was loaded by a number of clients sending requests to every server at fixed rate. While adding more and more servers, we monitored the average response time and stopped the test when it reached the preset limit (200ms). As you can see, CentOS 7 KVM was able to handle 130 servers simultaneously, while Virtuozzo Containers can run more than 200 servers with the identical performance.

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