Easy to update and keep secure. And it’s one of the only OS options that’s tailored to hosting and service providers of any size.

Docker, KVM, LXC, cPanel, Plesk, Virtuozzo/Virtuozzo Storage, or WHMCS: Whatever workload you run, Virtuozzo Linux is the ideal OS. It’s based on the CentOS 7 platform and comes with a rich support community. Unlike other systems, Virtuozzo Linux contains just a few package sets, so your potential vulnerability footprint is minimized. And with Virtuozzo’s instant ReadyKernel™ updates and first-class support, your data center will always be up to date and secured.

Try Virtuozzo Linux for Free

Open and Standard

  • CentOS7 based, open, and innovative
  • Rich community, widest app support
  • Minimal set of packages, smaller footprint

First-class, Professional Support

  • 24/7 support from Virtuozzo team with 15+ years Linux Kernel experience
  • More than 2000 patches to upstream from our team
  • 24/48 hour SLA for publishing critical updates

Zero Downtime Kernel Updates

  • ReadyKernel™ service based on kpatch technology
  • Every patch is prepared and tested by our team
  • Applied instantly

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