A Single Solution to Manage All Your Storage Needs

b-icon-2Container Storage

Build a persistent volume storage backend for
all modern container orchestration frameworks
  • Side by side deployment with Docker
  • Kubernetes support
  • Docker Swarm support
  • S3 Object storage for modern containerized applications


Run Virtuozzo, Hyper-V, VMware, or KVM workloads
  • Optimized for maximum performance with random reads and writes
  • Best performance for Virtuozzo containers and VMs with FUSE optimizations
  • Highly available iSCSI targets
  • Highly available NFS storage
  • SSD caching to burst existing I/O performance by an order of magnitude

b-icon-3Object Storage

Build your own public or private Amazon
S3-compatible storage cloud
  • Unlimited scalability to billions of objects
  • Build a S3 storage-as-a-service offering
  • Back-end for modern applications
  • Web hosting of static content

b-icon-4Cold Data

Lower OPEX and CAPEX for backups and archiving
  • Low overhead with erasure coding
  • Efficient hardware utilization
  • Flexible redundancy schemas
  • Automatic self-healing, check summing and scrubbing

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High performance

Up to 10x faster than Ceph and other competitors


Unite file, block, object and container volume storage in a single solution

Massively scalable

Store petabytes of data

Extremely cost-efficient

Designed to work with commodity off-the-shelf hardware and erasure coding technology

New UI simplifies everything

Stay in control with an easy-to-use management interface

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Virtuozzo Storage By the Numbers

10x faster
than Ceph

Read the Virtuozzo Storage
vs. Ceph White Paper




4x more
efficient TCO

Overall TCO is four times more
cost efficient than a classic
specialized storage solution




Petabytes of customer
data stored

Virtuozzo manages petabytes
of data for customers

Technology Features

  • Block, file, NEW S3 object, and Docker container storage in a single solution
  • Fault tolerant by design with flexible redundancy schemas: NEW erasure coding and 2/3 replicas support
  • Maximum performance with SSD caching and journaling, data auto-tiering and load balancing
  • Efficient hardware utilization: low-cost scalability for up to multiple petabytes in a single cluster


  • Hot plug for SSD/HDD to increase/decrease capacity or replace a drive without downtime
  • Storage tiers organize storage space and keep different categories of data on different disks
  • NEW web-based UI management and smart automation


Easily manage all
storage types from
one place