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Virtuozzo Storage was designed from scratch to work with virtualized environments. We decoupled computation from storage, enabling VMs and containers to instantly migrate to another physical server whenever the original server becomes unavailable. Rather than attach containers to expensive SANs or be limited by a server’s disk, Virtuozzo Storage pools capacity, giving you expandable storage at a much lower price point.

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“The cloud storage feature of Virtuozzo has been invaluable in allowing ViUX to provide high-availability cloud VPS containers and hypervisors to increase ARPU.”

– J.T. Smith, owner, ViUX


Why Use Virtuozzo Storage?

With Virtuozzo Storage, unused disk space on server nodes can be turned into low cost cloud storage. Its highly available, distributed storage system has built-in replication and disaster recovery. And most importantly, you can build fault-tolerant, multi-machine storage clusters using nothing more than your servers’ pre-existing, locally attached hard drives—with no additional hardware costs.


Key Features

  • High availability, high performance
  • Low-cost scalability up to multiple petabytes and hundreds of nodes in a single cluster
  • Persistent, production-ready storage for Docker
  • Block storage optimized for big files; S3-compatible object storage
  • Web-based UI management


  • Use your existing hardware
  • Flexibility to deploy containers and VMS
  • Fast performance
  • Zero downtime
  • Live server migration in user space
  • Eliminate the need for costly, special-purpose storage devices

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Ceph vs Virtuozzo Storage


This graph compares sequential read, sequential write, random read, and random write operations between Virtuozzo Storage and open source storage solution Ceph.

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