Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platform

Realize the benefits of a hyperconverged infrastructure today with a 100% software-defined platform that integrates containers, VMs and storage – and easily integrates with the most popular container and virtualization platforms.



Tap into the incredible OS efficiency benefits of containers to support production workloads.

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Virtual Machines

Support workloads with virtual machines – full compatibility with KVM with 200+ feature enhancements – based on CentOS7 and QEMU.

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Block, file, object and container storage – all in a single solution. 10x faster than CEPH. Erasure coding reduces storage overhead.

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Flexible Storage

  • Integrated with the Virtuozzo Platform
  • Persistent container storage for Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher
  • Supports traditional virtualization

Why Virtuozzo

Our Software –
Your Hardware

  • 100% software solution
  • Choose your hardware
  • No appliance needed


Optimize Infrastructure

  • Max out server performance with Virtuozzo Containers
  • Reduce storage overhead
  • Streamline kernel updates and patches


  • Containers
  • Live migration in userspace
  • Disc encryption

Technology Features

  • Optimized KVM based VMs
  • libvirt and OpenStack support
  • Native Docker support


  • Software-defined storage
  • ReadyKernel live patching
  • Flat licensing model

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Value-Added Services

vas-icon-5Includes Virtuozzo Power Panel – a flexible, powerful management tool for the end user to self-manage all services from a single pane of glass
vas-icon-124x7 first-class support


vas-icon-2Rebootless kernel updates with ReadyKernel™
vas-icon-4Additional Docker support including storage plugin


vas-icon-3Advanced memory management enabling better density without performance impact