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Containers™, Virtual Machines, Software-Defined Storage... All in a Single Solution

Is traditional virtualization costing your business too much?

Hybrid cloud computing models and modern approaches to virtualization are enabling companies to securely deploy IT workloads in a whole new way.

Virtuozzo delivers a converged virtual infrastructure platform that enables service providers and enterprises to leverage containers, virtual machines, and software-defined storage with backups, image management, and automation tools — all in a single solution. Benefit from the computing and efficiency benefits of production-ready containers, while implementing an integrated virtualization solution that includes VMs and new approaches to storage that will drive costs down.

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Virtuozzo Containers™

A single server can support multiple virtualized system containers that are fully isolated and capable of running any Linux distribution.

  • Secure: Encrypted containers protect production workloads
  • Efficient: Up to 60% better performance compared to VMs
  • Lightweight: Up to 2x greater density compared to VMs


Virtuozzo Hypervisor

We rebuilt our hypervisor core on top of open-source KVM, optimizing it with more than 200 enhancements for better performance, density, and security.

  • 100% upstream KVM compatible
  • Up to 40% better performance for latest Linux and Windows OS
  • 200+ Virtuozzo patches, including backup and out-of-the-box high availability, advanced memory management, and more


Virtuozzo Storage

Convert local disks into high performance, scalable, and failure-tolerant storage.

  • Up to 10x better performance compared to Ceph
  • Block, file, S3 and volume storage in a single solution
  • Build a highly available storage pool with less than 30% overhead
  • New Docker storage plugin


Value-Added Services

On top of virtualization, Virtuozzo offers a helpful suite of value-added services right “out of the box”, keeping your total cost of ownership low.

  • 24x7 first-class support
  • Rebootless kernel updates with ReadyKernel™
  • Advanced memory management enabling better density without performance impact
  • Additional Docker support including new storage plugin

“Virtuozzo 7 provides us with one consistent platform, regardless of where our infrastructure resides. Whether it’s public or private, Virtuozzo arms us with the portability, flexibility and elasticity to support our clients’ requirements effectively and efficiently.”

– Dave Idle, VP of product marketing,

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