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Case Studies

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Apptio, the Technology Business Management Software Leader, Optimizes SaaS Platform Performance with Virtuozzo.

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Netclusive and Thomas Cook

Unified, Business-Critical Storage and Virtualization Solution Delivered by netclusive to Global Travel Operator.

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ServerNest Replaces Competitive Virtualization Solutions in Only Two Weeks with Virtuozzo.

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Fast Hit

Fast Hit Cuts Deployment Time of Elastic Computing Services in Half with Virtuozzo.

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Conetix Saves 20% in Hardware and Licensing Costs with Virtuozzo.

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BizMaC Reduces Web Hosting Management Effort by 80% with Virtuozzo.

Data Sheets

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Virtuozzo ReadyKernel

Save Time and Money with Live Kernel Updates.

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Encrypted Containers Solution Brief

Security and data protection are key business requirements for leveraging virtualized solutions…

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Virtuozzo DevOps

Flexibility, reliability, pure coding: Get it all with Virtuozzo DevOps.

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Virtuozzo Platform

System Containers™, Virtual Machines, Software-Defined Storage... All in One Solution.

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Virtuozzo Storage

Drive hyperconvergence and reduce cost with software-define storage

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Virtuozzo Hypervisor

Optimized KVM and Upstream Compatibility.



Virtual Machine vs. Container Security

To compare hypervisor and container security issues, we should take a closer look at each of their unique vulnerabilities.


Cloud Spectator Report

Cloud Spectator is an analyst agency that specializes in cloud infrastructure performance analytics by measuring observable performance from a user perspective.


Best Practices: Using Virtual Swap to Maximize Container Performance

Virtual Swap (VSwap) is an easy-to-use memory management scheme that allows you to limit the maximum amount of memory allocated to a container by specifying how much physical memory and virtual swap space the container may use.


Parallels Cloud Storage: Performance Benchmark Results

Parallels Cloud Storage is a highly available distributed storage system with built-in replication and disaster recovery.


Best Practices for Parallels Containers for Linux: Using I/O Limits to Maximize Container Performance

I/O limits were introduced in Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux 4.6 with Kernel 2.6.18, and in Parallels Server Bare Metal 5 with Kernel 2.6.32 and is now available in Parallels Cloud Server 6.0.


Parallels Cloud Server: Performance and Scalability

To determine the best virtualization solution overall, in terms of both performance and scalability, we used the geometric mean of the values in each test–a metric that is commonly used to determine the aggregated score of a set of benchmark numbers.


Building Docker Cloud Services with Virtuozzo

Docker is an open platform that gives developers a way to build cloud applications, test them against multiple developer frameworks, and run them in multiple environments and on any number of end points.


Best Practices for Optimizing Your Linux VPS and Cloud Server Infrastructure

The purpose of this document is to provide you with best practices for optimizing the performance and cost of servers running Parallels Containers.


Best Practices for Configuring a Parallels Cloud Storage Cluster

Parallels Cloud Storage is a distributed, shared storage solution that decouples computation from storage.



Cloud Security: Should You be Worried?

Recorded February 22, 2017

There’s a well-known phrase — “Good, fast, or cheap- pick two”. In the online world, this saying is easily translatable to “Safe, easy, or cheap – pick two”. So how exactly do you achieve harmony amongst the three and create the most secure atmosphere for your cloud services?

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Getting to Virtuozzo 7

Recorded December 14, 2016

Learn how to move to the most recent Virtuozzo version and get all the benefits of its new features. This webinar covers all the possible upgrade options in great technical details.

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What’s new in Virtuozzo 7

Recorded December 7, 2016

This webinar is a deep dive into technical aspects of Virtuozzo 7 and is targeted to advanced users eager to learn more about the most recent Virtuozzo version. It will cover the changes and new features of Virtuozzo 7 in great technical details.

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Unlocking New Opportunities with Software-Defined Storage

Recorded November 30, 2016

How can software defined storage benefit your business? Learn about new opportunities and use cases for Virtuozzo Storage including backup and archival, persistent storage for Docker, storage for 3rd party virtualizations, and object storage.

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Tech Note

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Virtuozzo Storage Vs. Ceph: I/O Performance Comparison

Software-defined storage (SDS) is one of the key technologies IT organizations are looking toward…

Analyst Reports

chatAnalyst Reports

The Increasing Importance of Effective Technical Containerisation

Clive Longbottom, Analyst, Quocira

Branding Materials

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